Dangerous Invitations


by Tuna

Dangerous Invitations (2002) is an erotic thriller, long on the erotic.

Glen Meadows plays a top game designer, and his girlfriend (Beverly Lynn) is a photographer. His company is about to launch a new game system, and management expects him to support the launch by conceiving the best game ever. His boss sends the two of them to a resort for the weekend, along with a coworker. While there, they decide to have a threesome with Shauna O'Brien. It is the next day that they discover she has a husband. Meadows and Lynn were counting on a one-time fling but O'Brien, and especially her husband (Evan Kennsington), seem to be looking for much more. Kennsington at first asks to sleep with Lynn, and then his real goal comes out. He wants to steal the design data to the new game system to sell to a competitor.

The photography is very well done, as is set design, all of which made for amazing nudity.

Of course, it is primarily a sex film and, given the number of naked images and sex scenes, you would think the plot was a complete throwaway, but you would be wrong. The film moved quickly for me, and is couple-friendly, with strong female characters.








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I suppose it is a D as an erotic thriller because you shouldn't pick it up for the plot or acting, but as a couples softcore, it is a easy to recommend - lots of naked people well photographed, and a nice little story.

 Dangerous Invitations (2002)

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2.8 IMDB summary (of 10)


Straight to DVD.


Angel Cassidy shows breasts posing for photos for a surprise for her boyfriend.

Beverly Lynn shows everything including gyno shots in a girl/girl, a boy/girl, a boy/girl/girl, and a shower scene.

Shauna O'Brien shows everything including gyno shots in two boy/girl scenes, a girl/girl and a boy/girl/girl.

Serria Tawan shows everything in a boy/girl.

Jacy Andrews shows everything in a boy/girl.

Tiffany Mason shows everything as an outcall stripper.