Dark Angel: The Ascent (1994) from Tuna

Were you a big fan of the soap opera Dark Shadows? If so, here is your movie.

For those of you outside the loop, Dark Shadows was about soap opera characters who pretty much acted like other soap opera characters, except that they were werewolves and vampires and emissaries of The Dark Prince.

Dark Angel features a vengeful and violent demoness from hell who escapes to earth and falls in love with a human doctor who melts her heart with chocolaty goodness. Of course, she's still a beast from hell, but she learns the meaning of love. Or something. It's not my kind of movie, all gothic and romantic and melodramatic. A strange admixture of longing gazes, syrupy music, and bloody violence.

The Arrow, a top genre site reviewer, praised the film as a strange combination of romance and violence, so I guess you genre fans might like it. He said, "Lots of violence. People hacked to pieces, spine ripped out, hearts ripped out of chests and fed to dogÖItís weird to see a movie with so many beautiful tender moments filled with so much graphic violence...  "


Angela Featherstone: clear looks at breasts and buns as she stands silently, then runs from the camera.

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Based on this description, this is a C. Based on the IMDb score, genre fans think it is pretty cool. Others beware. Angela Featherstone, however, is gorgeous.

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