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I am doing something I never thought I would do. Dark Angels is a recent hard core release. However, it is a two hour hard core release with more plot than sex, which I never thought would happen again.

Not to make light of the sex action, as it is graphic, frequent, and hot, but, to the directors credit, he limited each sex scene to ten minutes or less, and kept monster shots to a minimum. Most of the action is filmed as a medium shot, and has the participants face in frame. 


It is a hard-core sex film
 The best way to describe this is Jess Franco on steroids. It is a vampire hard core, replete with atmosphere, gore, naked women, hot sex, digital effects, make-up effects and a plot that you may even care about. The film opens with Ginger Paige picking up a guy in a disco, screwing him to exhaustion in a restroom stall, then calmly biting his throat for dessert. As she leaves, she is chastised by head vampire Sydnee Steele for going out on her own. Sydnee then enjoys a passing motorist. Jewel de Nyle sees the toothy finale to the car sex, and reports what she saw to a police officer, then goes home. Sydnee joins her in her sleep, and initiates her into the group, but she is not thrilled to be dead, and is not enamored of the lifestyle. None of this stops her from hot sex with Sydnee, the cop, and a morgue attendant. There is also a sex scene with two virgins, April and McKayla, but I was unable to discover which was which.

I am not excited as much because this is a vampire movie with a lot of exposure as I am that someone has discovered how to make a profit from a high production value hard core with serious plot content. (Cut the sex, and the film is still over 60 minutes). This means that we could possibly see hard core:
  • Teen Slasher

  • Biker

  • Coming of Age

  • Teensploitation

  • Blacksploitation

  • Women in Prison

and a host of other genres. 

DVD info from Laser's Edge.

two disk set, see main commentary

Wouldn't you love to see the Annette Funicello character shrieking in orgasm in the Malibu surf? I applaud director Nic Andrews and Digital Sin DVD for reviving the quality adult film. Oh, and get this. The DVD release is a special edition, complete with two commentary tracks (one of which has an insert of those commenting on the angle track), and the entire script -- yes, this had enough plot to require a real script. Commentary one is director/cast, and track 2 is director/crew.  

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Based on this description, this film is a C+. There is also a second DVD of special features including image galleries, out-takes, bloopers and making of features. the highest grade for a hard core is C+, but I would really like to award more.

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