Days of Darkness


by Tuna

Days of Darkness is your basic comet-induced zombie movie.

Our hero and his girlfriend are camping on a remote site. They talk about how he will respect her decision to remain a virgin. A comet strikes., she wakes up with cramps, and they decide to get her medical help. On the way, they run into some zombies. If you think our hero's day can't get any worse, you're quite mistaken. He also learns that his virgin lover is three months pregnant.

Another motorist stops to help them, and leads them to a compound of non-zombies. While the residents are (mostly) not zombies, they are a motley crew at best. None of them get along and they have only one gun and nine shells among them. The brainless slow-motion zombies gradually whittle away the human numbers until only our hero and his girlfriend are left. Then they discover something important about the zombie-causing space parasites.

90% of the film was lensed in an old bunker, making it about as cinematic and action-packed as Death of a Salesman. And that's just one of the many indications of a minuscule budget. One of the sadder symptoms of the film's minimal financial resources is an apparent lack of budget for real actors. These seem to be the kind of actors who do dinner theater for the free leftovers. I did not find any of the performances convincing. While some genre nuts have praised the level of violence and gore in Days of Darkness, I found the entire film just plain silly. 


Our Grade:

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Not recommended.


  • Ashley Elizabeth Pierce shows breasts as the daughter of a porn star seducing the religious nut so she can infect him.





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