Dead Sexy (2000) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski) and Tuna

This is a straight-to-vid erotic thriller. I won't claim that it was another Body Heat, but it has a some plot and I did actually want to see who the murderer was! It wasn't good enough to be a stand-alone thriller, but it was certainly good enough for a titty film. 

The basic problem with the film was in the sex scenes. Because the murderer is in sex scenes with the first two women we see, the director has to hide his face from us. The only sensible way to do that is to make the room so dark we can't make him out.  You can imagine what impact that has on the viewability of the female nudity!

The following women got nekkid: 


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  • Holly Sampson, complete front and rear, as a victim

  • Katie Lohman, complete frontal, as a victim

  • Mary Shannon as a madam, full frontal

  • Nancy Vee, full frontal,  as a hooker.

  • Two strippers named Flower and Farrah. Flower full front and rear, Farrah topless.

  • Shannon Tweed. I'm not sure about this one. I know it sounds ludicrous on the surface to suggest that Shannon Tweed used a body double, but I'm pretty sure she did. They showed her face without body parts, then all of her hair fell down over her face, then the frontal sex scenes showed a woman with hair covering her entire face. Moreover, the woman in those sex scenes had a flat tummy, and Tweed showed a pronounced paunch when she was wearing clothing. There is not one frame in the entire film with Shannon's face matched up with any naughty bits. I think the 44 year old Ms Tweed has finally gotten to that stage. In the great Western Movie of life, she's gotten off her horse, and is now driving the chuckwagon.

The basic murder mystery is very much like Basic Instinct, where all of the clues seem to fit two different people. In fact, the film is almost a perfect role-reversal of Basic Instinct, with two possible males suspected of killing a string of females. Was the crime committed by the rich guy to whom the clues seem to point, or to the cop who appears to be framing him? The script pulls you back and forth, and may or may not end with the right resolution. 

The only real serious stretch to your credulity is that one of the suspects is Shannon Tweed's lover (the rich guy), and the other one is her partner (she's a detective), so she's in this much deeper than it would be realistic to assume. But if you grant that premise, it isn't bad, and has some tension because she appears to fit the victim profile, and she is with one or the other of these guys about 24/7, so she's in constant fear, because she's either spending all her work time or all her non-work time with the killer, but she isn't sure which. 

Shannon is a pretty sleazy and daring cop. At one point she is undercover as a hooker, meets a suspect by herself, completely out of contact with any other police, because her partner is at a poker game, gets paid $3,000, and keeps the money. You cops out there correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that's standard police procedure, and I had a hard time believing it, not because she took the money, but because the madam knew that she took the money, a situation which could compromise the policewoman too much in the future.

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Tuna's comments in yellow

Dead Sexy (2000) is a direct to vid cop/murder soft-core. It stars Shannon Tweed as a police detective who sleeps with her suspects, and entraps them by posing as a high price hooker. She has been transferred to LA due to a scandal in the San Francisco PD. $5,000.00/night hookers are being killed. Shannon and her partner don't agree on who the suspects are, and neither is a saint.

 It is clear from the start that the director is going to throw a lot of red herrings and have a surprise ending. The first hour is non-stop simulated sex and strippers, and the last 30 minutes is plot. Holly Sampson, Shannon Tweed, Katie Lohman, Mary Shannon, Nancy Vee, and a b8unch of unknown strippers show pretty much everything. The sex is dark for the most part,  and not very erotic. The violence is not very graphic, and the acting is  not very apparent. IMDB has never heard of it. 

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Based on this description, this is a C (Scoopy) to D+ (Tuna), graded as an erotic thriller. A watchable erotic thriller. One of the best plots I've seen in a titty film, although the characterization is quite cardboard, and the sex scenes are too dark

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