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Debbie Does Dallas (1978) is one of the best selling hard core adult films of all time, and for good reason. First of all, it got tons of free publicity, because every talk show host, comedian, etc in the country used that title when referring to adult films, and in jokes. The plot (yes, this is from when even hard core films had them), is simple. 
Debbie (Bambi Woods), High School head cheerleader, has been offered a tryout with the Dallas Cowgirls. The only problem is that she needs to raise enough money for the trip. The entire squad decides to take odd jobs and raise enough money for them all to go and support Debbie. 


hardcore sex film
They soon find that part time unskilled jobs, such as candle store worker, record store clerk, assistant librarian, washing cars, and helping in a sporting goods store won't raise the money in time. Then Debbie discovers that men will pay much better for small sexual favors. Another reason for the popularity is that the film is full of naked girls. It also has almost every popular element of both tittie flicks and hard core, including girls shower scenes, tons of locker room nudity, girl/girl, threesomes, girl caught masturbating, wet t-shirts, spanking, and older man gets cheerleader. 

There is a spirit of fun about the whole film -- so much so that you forget it is supposed to be dirty. 

Film preservation is nearly unheard of in the hard core world, but this film was in reasonable shape, and the DVD transfer is watchable, although there is a lot of dust and noise, and the saturation and contrast vary from scene to scene.

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Based on this description, this film is a C+.  Hard core has no crossover appeal, so my grade is C+, but this is a very good classic

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