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Deep Red (1975) is a personal favorite of director Dario Argento, and is a very violent, gore-filled mystery/suspense piece. Jazz pianist Marcus Daly, played by David Hemmings, witnesses a grisly murder in an upstairs window across the street, and spends the rest of the film, teamed with reporter Gianna Brezzi, played by Daria Nicolodi (Dario's significant other), in trying to solve the murder (or murders, but the end. When Daly rushes to the apartment of the murdered woman, Macha Meril, we see her left breast as he lifts her off of the window glass shards she is impaled on. 
I found the film slow moving, and was disappointed when they switched from the opening jazz piano to the typical Argento rock track.  Reviewers claim it reinvented horror, and has layer after layer of deep meaning. Maybe, but it seemed a rather slow suspense/horror to me.  


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Dario made this film because he was unsatisfied by the lack of answers in Antonioni's "Blow-Up". He was obsessed with that issue for years, and finally made his own version, filling in the blanks.

I was going to write a few thoughts on Dario, but then I read the review by Dumbass and The Fag, and I realized that they have already articulated my thoughts about this movie, and all movies by Dario and his clones, which I've found uniformly disappointing.  Every once in a while I have been fooled by articles which branded Suspiria, or some other Eurotrash gore-rock film, a masterpiece, and I've foolishly watched them. Sucker!

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  • Widescreen anamorphic, 2.35:1

  • interviews with Dario and some of his associates

Therefore, I consider this article must reading for three reasons:

1.  it is filled with iconoclastic, naked-emperor candor

2.  I agree with it almost completely.

3.  he saved me the trouble and misery of writing about Dario's movies. More important, he saved me from having to re-watch them in order to write the article. Most important of all, he may have saved you from being tempted to rent them.  

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