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Devil in Miss Jones (1973) is a classic hard core directed by Gerard Damiano (who had a cameo appearance) and staring Georgina Spelvin as Miss Jones. 
Miss Jones, prim and proper, slits her wrists, and ends up in hell's admitting room. They are not quite sure what to do with her, as they were planning on this virgin going to heaven, but she offers a solution -- she would like to sample lust, and lots of it. She is put in the capable hands of Harry Reams (both first and last name very descriptive of him), where she samples just about every perversion imaginable, including, vaginal, anal and oral sex, butt plugs, bath nozzle and fruit basket masturbation, girl/girl, a snake, and a sandwich. Once she is hooked, she is sent to spend eternity in a private hell designed especially for the new Miss Jones. 


classic hardcore sex film
The story isn't especially strong, but the acts depicted are very explicit. The early hard core efforts like Green Dorr and Deep Throat were heavy on plot. In this film Damiano was pushing the envelope as to what could be shown in a hardcore. Once there were no worlds left to conquer, there was a move to put plots back in (Debbie Does Dallas, for example). This freedom  had a ripple effect. With explicit anal sex and spread beaver in hardcores, the exploitation folks could get away with simulated sex and limited full frontal. With full frontal in mainstream theaters on adults only night, mainstream films could get away with bare breasts. So even if you don't like hard core at all, you owe some allegiance to these pioneers, without whom we would not have nudity in mainstream film.

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bare-bones, poor transfer

The transfer is abysmal. The original was color shifted, grainy, washed out full of noise, and the matting top and bottom was crooked. Unfortunately, this is probably as good as it will get from this film 

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Based on this description, I say C, a solid hardcore.

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