Devil Times Five (1974) from Tuna

A rich asshole named Papa Doc is hosting a mandatory winter holiday for his sycophantic employees and equally obnoxious family. His wife is notoriously easy, his employee's wife is a lush, and his daughter is pushing her husband to win a job with daddy. Meanwhile, a bus full of kids, all convicted murderers from a mental hospital, crashes. They kill the driver, and take off, arriving at the same Arrowhead resort where Papa Doc's folks are partying. The adults, in a festive mood and feeling sorry for the kids, let them in. Big mistake. The kids are cute, precocious and lethal.

The best murder of the bunch was when the kids dumped piranhas into the bath with Carolyn Steller. The fact that it was done by Steller's real-life daughter (playing one of the little monsters) makes it all the more fun. In the actual process of filming the scene, dead piranhas were dropped into the tub, but still managed to cut her leg badly enough for her to be hospitalized!

The original idea was to capitalize on Ten Little Indians, and have people dying one at a time, withholding the identity of the killers. After principal shooting wrapped, a faction convinced the executive producer that it couldn't be cut into a good movie, so it was drastically rewritten, and several days worth of additional material were shot. It's difficult to imagine that the original idea could have been that much worse.  The film is filled with annoyances. Let's start with the best death, Piranhas in the bath. Why didn't she just stand up and step out of the tub and onto the kids? Then there is the fact that the murders are shown in slow motion with annoying children's music box music. Finally there is the fact that the most likable character in the entire film is a dimwit, and the first killed.

The film is also known as People Toys, The Horrible House on the Hill, and Tantrums. Based on the number of IMDb votes, it may be the only film which has had more names than viewers.

The new DVD does includes interviews with many of the cast and crew, but all in all the world is not enriched by the DVD release of this film..





  • We have breast exposure from Carolyn Steller ...

  • ... and Joan McCall. McCall is better known as a soap opera screenwriter with credits like Days of Our Lives, Another World and Santa Barbara.


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  • TV Guide 1.5/4


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