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Die Watching (1993) is another film written by Kenneth J. Hall. Still a tittie flick, but this time a horror thriller in the Hitchcock tradition. We learn the identity of the serial killer at the beginning of the film,  and the dramatic tension is achieved by making us wonder who will die and  who won't, and when they will catch him. Christopher Atkins, the killer, was traumatized as a child, and acts out by filming women as they are strangled or suffocated. He falls for the artist in the adjacent warehouse, Vali Ashton, but is in too deep to stop. The title comes from his practice of making the victims watch themselves die in a monitor. 


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This is another pretty good film written by Hall that gets no respect at  IMDB. The production value is good, Image did a very nicetransfer, and we have lots of breast and bun exposure from Vali Ashton. Erika Nann, Melanie Good, Avalon Anders, Tammy Elaine and J.J. Mantia. The genre is  tittie flick (lots of T&A, and not much sex), and this is a C+.

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Based on this description, this film is a C+.

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