Direct Contact


by Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

It doesn't really seem to matter who stars in the direct-to-DVD action films made in Eastern Europe. It might be Wesley Snipes or Steven Seagal, or it might be Dolph Lundgren, as it is here. The result always seems to be the same: a generic script about one tough guy battling gangs of mobsters and/or warlords, peppered with thousands of explosions, gunfights and car chases.

I'll say this for Eastern Europe. They must have a lot of abandoned buildings that look important but can be destroyed inexpensively, without anybody caring. No matter what criticisms you might level at this movie, you have to concede that there are some impressive explosions, and the things they destroy look equally impressive before they are blown up. Large buildings, tanks, you name it. Even Michael Bay would have to be impressed with the level of destruction the Bulgarians can create on a moderate budget. The Bulgarians also seem to have figured out a way to film realistic car chases that seem to go recklessly through active city streets, running over pedestrians, knocking over vegetable carts, disrupting sidewalk restaurants, overturning magazine kiosks, and so forth, often with cars spinning and overturning in mid-air (in slo-mo, natch) before they crash with the inevitable explosion. I don't think the filmmakers can really be destroying downtown Sofia, which is where most of this film was lensed, so I guess there must be derelict neighborhoods that have been converted to the Bulgarian equivalent of back lots. The action scenes are genuinely impressive.

I also enjoyed seeing some of the landmarks of Sofia. Several scenes were shot in the vicinity of the spectacular Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

There's really nothing else to recommend. The dialogue is embarrassing, especially in the love scene. The plot is confusing and riddled with holes. The character motivations and behaviors defy all logic. There are annoying continuity errors. Instead of the day-night errors common to cheapjack American films, there are fall-winter-spring errors. Car chases go from one block full of snow, to another with no snow and bare trees, to another with everything in bloom, then back to snow again. It's just plain irritating and confusing.

But, as they used to say on Farm Film Report, "Things get blowed up real good."

Our Grade:

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Terrible movie. Great explosions!


  • No nudity from the stars. there are some topless background strippers in a night club.





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