Don't look in the Basement (1973) from Tuna

Don't Look in the Basement! (1973) is a grade Z horror film, and a serious contender for worst film ever made. A patient in a private sanitarium kills the doctor, and another "doctor" takes over. She is surprised when a new nurse arrives to start work. The film makers, at this point, could have made a mysterious horror thriller, and built lots of suspense. Instead, they chose to show us that the "doctor" was really a patient. Of course the new nurse, the only sane person in the place, takes the entire movie to find out the truth. 
The exposure comes from Betty Chandler, a one film wonder, who plays a nymphomaniac.


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The production values are terrible, nobody thought to act, the entire thing takes place in a boring house, and there is no suspense, no surprise, and very little gore. The DVD transfer is consistent with the quality of the film. 

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  • general consensus: less than two stars. Maltin 1.5/4, BBC 3/5

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