by Tuna

Drainiac is about four teenagers stuck in a haunted house. There seems to be nothing remarkable about that, but don't be fooled. Nothing about this low budget Brett Piper film is normal.

A young women (Georgia Hatzis) lives with a jerk of a father after her mother's suicide. He forces her to clean an abandoned house he bought to sell, and goes off drinking for the day. Her friends show up to bring her lunch, and the water demons living under the house make their lives miserable for the rest of the film.

This is a B horror film made with a low budget, but it is neither terrible nor amateurish. Although it was originally shot on 16 mm, it looks and plays better than you would expect. The effects are solid, and the technical overall quality is professional. On the human side, Georgia Hatzis plays a very conflicted but sympathetic character, and all of the cast members deliver decent characterizations. This film will not disappoint those who enjoy independent horror films with limited budgets.




  • Georgia Hatzis shows breasts and buns.

  • Adrienne McCleave shows breasts and buns as a ghost.



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4.2 IMDB summary (of 10)

This film was released in the US on video tape in 2000, but is coming to America on DVD for the first time on June 24, 2008.

The newly remastered widescreen version has been enhanced here and there by editing the original film, and the DVD package includes a feature length commentary by director Brett Piper, the president of Shock-O Rama Cinema.

DVD details and purchase information. (Pre-order price: $13.99)