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The Drifter (1988) is a third rate thriller staring Kim Delaney as a successful women's fashion designer with an attorney boyfriend who picks up hitch-hiker Miles O'Keeffe on her way home from a business trip, and ends up sleeping with him. 
She wanted a one-night stand, and he wants more. She begins to panic when he finds her home and her work, and wants to keep seeing her. If I go any further with the plot, it would be a spoiler. The good news is that there are plot twists. The bad news is that the story line is so muddled, they won't surprise you. 


Kim Delaney shows her breasts in a dark motel scene with O'Keefe, and in a well lit bed scene with her boyfriend
 As a matter of fact, you won't even care.

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bare bones

Scoop's note: this film stars Timothy Bottoms, who is now best known as the uncanny lookalike George W Bush on "That's My Bush".

His career had a great start with The Last Picture Show, but there were many dry years afterwards.

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