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This British movie written by the highly rated Amy Jenkins attempts to examine the relationships and loves of a group of thirty-something friends in London. The film sets out to examine when it is possible to tell some you love them and if it is possible to have just one love. The group comprises of three couples . Jules and Will, Daphne and Frank, Graham and George - and Billy (Sean Gallagher), a believer in instant love. Billy has been single for so long that his friends fear that he has lost the ability to form a relation with a woman.
Billy appears to have struck gold when he notices Dodie (Kimberly Williams), an American single-mother, coffee bar waitress and amateur philosopher in a park. His initial attempts at initiating a relationship are unsuccessful but eventually Billy and Dodie get together. He fails to convey his love for her and is left to question the worth of his life when she suddenly returns to America to avoid custody problems over her son.

Jules (Emmanuelle Beart) is having cold feet about her impending marriage to Will (Daniel Lapaine). Her fears are well founded as he is cheating with Daphne and resorting to "direct-debit" sex (prostitutes).


Kimberly Williams is briefly topless in a somewhat distant sex scene. However this is her first topless scene.

Kate Gartside is topless in a longer sex scene.

The plot development is poor and consequently the film is very disjointed. There is also inadequate character and dialogue development, with too many instances of characters staring into the distance when dialogue is essential. Jules visits the prostitute frequented by Will but says nothing. The many dinners involving the group would have been the ideal platform for plot development but none takes place. The poor plot causes the film to drift. The prolonged and rather pointless drug snorting scene between Graham and George being a prime example. Ultimately the film drifts into obscurity.

Kimberly Williams is a good actress and her beauty makes it easily apparent why Billy fell in love at first sight. Emmanuelle Beart is a good actress but isn't given the opportunity to showcase her talents and is too often left to stare at railway platforms. Sean Gallagher is convincing in his role as a likeable if slightly over-romantic single.

Amy Jenkins was one of the hottest literary properties in England at the time of production following the success of her BBC TV series "This Life". However, Jenkins joins the long list of British writers who have failed to graduate from TV to big-screen writing.

Not yet on Region 1 DVD
This movie will be remembered for Kimberly Williams' first nude appearance.

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