Eternal Blood (2002) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

The film "Eternal Blood" derives its title from a role-playing game, kind of a vampire version of Dungeons and Dragons, which is played by the Goths in the university at Santiago, Chile.

We see many vampirical things happen, but those turn out to be adventures spun by the players during the game. Then one of the Goths begins to suspect that his colleagues are not just a bunch of kids who fantasize about being vampires. He secretly witnesses some events which lead him to suspect that some of the players really are vampires. Fearing for his life, he steels himself for battle against the forces of darkness, and starts killing his friends, or at least trying to.


Blanca Lewin shows her breasts in a dark sex scene, then again on the operating table.

So the mystery, such as it is, is this:

1. Is he killing vampires, or is he a deeply deluded druggie killing his friends?

2. Did any of the vampire adventures actually happen, or were they simply more visualizations of events created within the game?

I know that I, for one, didn't care about either question.

This Chilean genre film is not especially interesting, but it does try to conceive of some new vampire mythology, and this leads to some pretty cool splatter scenes. For example, the vampires don't bite one's neck. They pull off one's head with their super-strength, then hold the head aloft and drink from the dripping blood.

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  • no widescreen, but lots of features, including:

  • commentary

  • "making of"

  • deleted scenes

You have a choice of Spanish with English subtitles or English dubbing. Neither is adequate. The English dubbed dialogue is more accurate and flavorful, but the actual dubbing is incompetently performed by non-actors. The subtitled English, on the other hand, is a watered-down version of what they are actually saying. The most fun can be had by watching it dubbed in English with English subtitles, because its like watching a Tarantino film translated into Disneyspeak. A character will say something like, "that's totally fucked", and the subtitles will say something like, "gosh, that isn't good".

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Based on this description, this is a classic C- movie by our rating system. If you like vampire films, this adds some new concepts with some interesting visualizations. If you don't like vampire genre films, it's another one with some heavy-handed rapid editing and an oppressive heavy metal score, in which the creative visuals don't offer enough of what you are looking for in a film. Plus you either have to watch it in Spanish or poorly-dubbed English.

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