The Evil Below


by Tuna

The Evil Below, AKA El Diablo, takes place on a tropical island where skipper Max Cash (played by the co-director, Wayne Crawford, whose other industry credits include writing, producing, and writing theme music) is about to lose his small boat. Even at that, he would rather bang his crew member, Sheri Able, then try to drum up work. June Chadwick arrives looking to rent his boat to find the wreck of the El Diablo, supposedly sunk nearby and full of religious treasures. Several on the island seem to have an interest in this wreck and/or its treasure, including a local priest, an expert on wrecks, one of Max's competitors, and more. Max doesn't believe in the wreck until his father is killed and additional evidence turns up.







Our Grade:

If you are not familiar with our grading system, you need to read the explanation, because the grading is not linear. For example, by our definition, a C is solid and a C+ is a VERY good movie. There are very few Bs and As. Based on our descriptive system, this film is a:


That's a generous assessment.

It's not a horror film, despite the title. It's more like a grade-B version of The Deep. Call it an actioner, undersea treasure subdivision, barely meeting genre requirements in the story department, but falling short in terms of skin and blood.


  • Virtually none. Sheri Able shows her right breast from the side, as well as her buns in a thong bikini.


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3.3 IMDB summary (of 10)

The Evil Below

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