An Eye for an Eye (1981) from Tuna

An Eye for an Eye is a typically bad Chuck Norris martial arts film. Chuck resigns from the San Francisco PD after his partner is killed, ruining months of undercover narcotics work. When his partner's girlfriend is also killed after uncovering evidence, the Chuckster kicks and punches his way to the truth. The transfer was third rate, the plot is thin and trite, and Norris is positively wooden in the role. He looks like he pauses for direction between every punch, and has less change of facial expression than a corpse. The fight sequences are rather uninspired. In one, a bad guy gets up too soon, and throws himself back to the ground.


none. The film is supposed to have a long shower scene with Maggie Cooper. This scene is not to be found on the DVD, though the running time has not changed. 

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Scoop's comments: Is there any genre with worse acting than martial arts films? Although Norris never really developed into the Olivier of his generation, he eventually got so he could deliver his lines with some credibility. You need to see some of his early work to see just how much he improved. Tuna is spot-on. In comparison, Norris made Van Damme seem as animated and literate as Peter O'Toole. Van Damme may not understand what all the words mean, or how to pronounce them, but is at least able to bring a certain stamp of characterization to a role. Norris sounded like he was reading lines from cue cards.

This film also stars such genre-film icons as Christopher Lee and Richard Roundtree. Shaft and Dracula, together at last, in a martial arts film.

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