Falling Through (2000) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

"Falling Through" (2000) This is a cheapozoid new release available only at Blockbuster, and only for rental.

Bargain basement international espionage flick that takes place in "Paris" - where half of the signs are written in German, and most of them have English translations! OK, maybe it's really not Gay Paree. Maybe it's Straight Luxembourg. Either way,the cast is a hodge-podge of nobodies and people who used to be big, like Roy Scheider and Robocop.

An agent is assigned to beef up the security procedures at the American Embassy in Paris, only to find that many naughty deeds seem to be generated by his own surrogate father. Worse yet, he and dad are sleeping with the same Russian girl, and the girl's brother is the source of all the evil in the world, from Canned Wine to the Oprah Book Club to Woodstock 99 to the production of Three Stooges episodes without Curly. And also he talks exactly like Boris Badenov on Bullwinkle, and his two omnipresent hooker companions both talk exactly like Natasha!


NUDITY: Sophie Knijff played one of the designated tootsies, and Katya Rednikova was the heroine. Both of these girls have mammoth chests, and Rednikova has a pretty face to go with it. Unlike the cartoon bad tootsies, Rednikova is a real Russian who speaks with a real Russian accent. (And Elya says her Russian is perfect and unaccented). She was also in Hellfire.

IMDB summary: not enough votes. But will end up in the 5's, I guess.

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