Feast II


by Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

The first Feast film, which I have not seen, was a product of the Affleck/Damon reality show project, Project Greenlight. Splatter aficionados were quite pleased with it because it defied their expectations of a safe, mainstream kind of effort. Instead, it was a demented, over-the-top gorefest about a small group of humans trying to survive in a world being attacked by some super-human beasts.

Feast II is more of the same twisted and uninhibited NC-17 stuff, but I gather that this one was too jokey for the gorehounds. It's essentially a sick comedy. The humans still alive include a bartender (Clu Gulager!), a gang of lesbian bikers, and two "midget wrestlers," plus a used car dealer, his unfaithful wife, and her lover ... and various others. Shock II is trying to accomplish only two things: to shock you with gore and to make you laugh at sick, gallows humor. There's casual dismemberment, bodies rotting while still living, a messy autopsy of one of the beasts, inter-species rape, a baby thrown to the monsters and devoured, and so forth. The shock value is increased by the cavalier attitudes of the characters, who are either total bad-asses or complete cynics. There is not a decent human being anywhere in the film, which makes it hard to root for them in their battle against the monsters, and the number of sympathetic characters is matched by an identical number of plot twists.

Humans die one by one. End of screenwriting assignment.

Oh, yeah, and the story is internally inconsistent and has no ending. (This is part two of a trilogy, preceding Feast 3: Happy Ending. No kidding.)

The film was obviously sculpted for a highly targeted audience and has absolutely zero mainstream crossover appeal. Although it has some imagination, some sick laughs, and some good acting performances, you won't like it unless you're really into the Troma style of "splatstick" - gore for lowbrow yuks.


I did enjoy seeing Clu Gulager again. Hell, before I watched this film I had no idea Clu Gulager was still alive.

And, judging from his performance, neither did he.

I'm kidding. For a 79 year old man who had rarely spoken above a mumble when he was young, Clu actually turned in a surprisingly feisty and energetic performance. In fact, one might say that Clu is responsible for the entire movie, in a sense. His son directed; another son starred; a grandson had a small role; the director's wife (therefore Clu's daughter-in-law) also starred. 

The family that slays together ...


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Chelsea Richards and Melissa Reed were topless for the film's final 15 minutes. Believe it or not, that was not gratuitous. Their clothing was needed to help build a catapult.

Amy McGee may or may not have contributed nudity. Her character did, but I don't know whether we are looking at her or a mannequin when the beasts drag her through the window naked.

The other nudity in the film came from Juan Longoria Garcia, a little person with an absolutely enormous penis. It is real. They found him working in a novelty act in Tijuana and hired him, despite the fact that he can't speak a word of English.

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