The First Turn-On (1982) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski) and Tuna

This is yet another in the seemingly infinite series of early Troma sex comedies targeted at about a college-age crowd, although probably too unsophisticated for most people in that group.
At summer camp, the nature counselor and four campers end up trapped inside a cave. While they wait to be rescued, each recounts his first sexual experience. 


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 It's the usual low-rent production values combined with the usual lowbrow humor, and none of it is done very well.

Two passing items of interest:

  • This marked the screen debut of filmdom's resident hulking strange guy, Vince D'Ononfrio.
  • Sheila Kennedy, once a Pet of the Year, had two topless scenes.
There are numerous topless scenes from several women, although there is virtually no lower-body exposure of any kind. The following women showed their breasts:
  • Georgia Harrell
  • Heidi Miller
  • Sheila Kennedy
  • Kristina Wetzel
  • Lara Grills
  • Donna Winter
  • and some others unidentified

By our grading standard, the film would b an E or even an F without the nudity, graded as a comedy. On the other hand, graded as a titty flick, it has quite a bit of exposure packaged in a grade-b version of Meatballs, therefore managing to keep you from falling asleep between nude scenes. 

DVD info from Amazon.

  • no widescreen

  • no meaningful features

  • The DVD claims to be a digitally remastered directors cut, but is only slightly better than VHS quality.

Tuna's comments in yellow

The First Turn-on (1983) is a sex farce/tittie flick from Troma, based on the old summer camp cliche. Four of the campers and the nature counselor get trapped in a cave by a fart joke (one of them farts, which causes a cave-in), tell wild lies about their first sexual experience, then have an orgy. Meanwhile, there is a succession of  vignettes with an evil camp owner, a precocious camper, and stupid parents. Most of the humor is of the bathroom variety. There are a lot of women who show their breasts:

This marks the first performance from Vincent D'Onofrio, who went on in spite of this credit to a real career. Scoop commented a while back that he was through with Troma films, and I am beginning to feel the same way. Even restricting the genre to Troma sex farces from the 80's, this is a D- at best.  

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Based on this description, this film is a C as a titty flick, or an E as a youth comedy. (Tuna says D-)

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