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Flashdance (1983) was well-named, in that it is all flash and dance, with a very weak Cinderella plot, and little character development.

Jennifer Beals stars as a welder by day, club dancer by night, who dreams of being in a repertory troupe, despite never having had a dance lesson in her life. Her boss sees her dance, and falls for her. Her best friend (Sunny Johnson), who works at the same club, dreams of being in the Ice Capades. The friend has her last chance tryout, blows it badly, and goes to work in a strip club. Beals goes in and drags her out in the name of friendship. Seeing what happened to her friend when she gave up on her dream, Beals gathers the courage to try out for the dance troupe.


Beals shows most of her buns dancing, and most of a breast in down shirts.  Johnson shows breasts when being dragged from the strip club, and two other strippers also show breasts and buns. They are played by Bettina Birnbaum and Deirdre L. Cowden, but I have no idea which was which.

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  • widescreen anamorphic

It is dominated by a hard-pulsing disco beat. If that is your idea of fun, you will probably find something to like in this musical romance story. It is no better or worse than the other disco dance films. If you are like me, then disco represents a little bit of what hell might be like. 

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  • The title song was hugely popular, and won both an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

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  • with their dollars: an inexplicable hit, it grossed $95 million in the USA
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