El Fontanero, su mujer,

y otras cosas de meter ...


by Tuna

"The Plumber, his wife, and other things he plunged into ..." is a Spanish sex farce featuring Lina Romay and Montserrat Prous.

Romay is married to a plumber, but ends up in ... er ... hot water when he returns home and finds her in bed with his best friend. There is nothing for him to do but visit his friend's wife and return the favor. That encounter proves somewhat less than ideal when she wears him out then continues the sex with a toilet plunger. He then puts his own plunger inside a steady procession of female customers. Finally, Lina Romay and Montserrat Prous get together as only horny women can. The plumber is assisted by his young apprentice when the sexual opportunities are too demanding.

It's great to see Lina Romay in her prime, and Montserrat Prous is not only hot, but also a natural comedienne. The film is 99% nudity and simulated sex, with a little humor to separate the sex scenes. This is the only vintage Spanish sex farce I have seen that finds the balance between erotic and funny in the same way as so many successful Italian, German and English sex farces of that era.


Our Grade:

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  • Lina Romay and Montserrat Prous show everything, and have a red hot girl/girl scene.

  • Eight other women show body parts and have straight and lesbian sex.




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4.4 IMDB summary (of 10)


El Fontanero

It is available from RLDVDs.com in an all region PAL in Spanish only. You will hardly notice the lack of subtitles.