Forbidden (2002) from Tuna

Forbidden (2002) is a straight to video softcore that mostly got it right.

The plot is typically simple. At his bachelor party, the groom's best friend hires two strippers, but he declines to have sex with them. He sneaks out of the party, meets a young woman outside the hotel, and ends up having a night of perfect sex with her. Cut two years into the future. He and his wife are obviously not still in bliss mode. The are to spend a few days with the same best friend and his date. The best friend's date is the same girl he has never forgotten from his bachelor party night. He wants the girl and she wants him. His wife, it turns out, wants lots of men, and has had several.


There are two naked strippers in the opening scene in poor light.

Renee Ria as the dream girl, Tracy Ryan as the wife, and Inari Vox as a flashback "first lay" all show the three Bs

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The film has naked women on screen in good light for most of the running time, and some of the sex scenes sizzle. The sound track is not as overpowering as is the norm, and they used very little fancy camera work and reasonably normal lighting. The only real problem was lots of motion blur, and some focus problems, but with the constant exposure, there's plenty of clear nudity. 

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Based on this description, this film is a C if viewed as a softcore. The plot is a D, but overall, the film delivers what we watch soft-cores for, so C is the right grade.

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