For Sale (1998) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

A young bride skips out on her wedding  to a wealthy middle-aged bachelor. She also cleans out his safe. He seems like a considerate, lonely type, who lives with his sister. He never even slept with his bride before the wedding. The man hires his best friend, a detective, to solve the puzzle and bring her back, if possible.

As the detective "follows" her through her past, starting with the small town which was her childhood home, he becomes obsessed with the woman, her unusual behavior, and the conditions that turned her into a type of prostitute. After her first boyfriend, she charged every man for sex. As the detective pieces her life together, he comes to know more about her than most people know about their spouses, and starts to identify with her. Because the detective has not accepted his separation from his own wife, the girl he seeks becomes his companion, although he has never met her.


Sandrine Kiberlain is completely naked in an outdoor scene, topless in a sex scene, and bottomless in a scene in her apartment.

There is some additional nudity from minor characters.

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  • Widescreen anamorphic, 2.35:1

  • no meaningful features

  • I can't tell if the fuzzy video is the fault of the DVD or the original, but it is often blurry.

For some reason, the film includes an almost unrelated epilogue which takes place after Kiberlain emigrates to the USA and becomes a homeless street person in the USA. It was always her dream to move there, inspired by bedroom talks with her first lover in the small town. I guess this is meant to be ironic, showing that her deep feeling of betrayal is based upon a false sense of loss. This section appears to be shot on video, although the rest of the movie is on film.

I thought this movie had some good moments, and the two main characters were sort of interesting, but the story just wanders and wanders, with no real economy or focus. At one point, there is what seems like a twenty minute encounter between the detective and his ex-wife, which seems like a complete departure from the storyline. The film technique varied from straightforward realism to all kinds of over-saturated effects. I didn't find this film much to my taste, either as serious cinema or as entertainment.

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  • Kiberlain was nominated for a Best Actress Cesar in 1999.

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