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Fraternity Demon (1992) is a third rate version of a shopworn premise for r-rated films, in which fraternity nerds and jocks compete for the sorority sisters.


Trixxie Bowie shows breasts in two scenes, and Alison Cuffe, as one of the ASS girls, shows her breasts as well.
Sigma Upsilon Xi (SUX) is composed mostly of nerds. The SUX boys have invited the hot girls from Alpha Sigma Sigma (ASS) to a party. The ASS girls have accepted only because a hot band will be playing. Meanwhile, a member of the parapsychology department has conjured the Demon of Sex and Lust back our plane of existence, using an ancient Vatican how-to fax, and a little speech generation software. What would have been a flop of a party, with the girls catching the sounds and splitting with the jocks, is turned upside down by the Demon, played by Trixxie Bowie. With the help of demonic magic, the SUX boys defeat the evil jocks, and get laid.

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  • Full-screen format, on a double DVD with Rush Week

This is a terrible film. It has a lame plot, is badly photographed, and the dialogue is awful. They hired Deborah Carlin for a lead role requiring nudity, and then had to hire a double for her! I chuckled a few times at funny moments, but mostly was amused at just how bad this was. It was a very early DVD release, the video quality is terrible, and the sound level is not consistent from start to finish. Even with extra credit for "bad movie" energy, this is a D. 

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