Fraternity Vacation (1992) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski) and Tuna

Fraternity Vacation is, more or less, an uncredited sequel to Animal House. Basically, the Deltas go on Spring Break, with Boon and Otter replaced by Joe and Mother Tucker as the experienced seniors, and Pinto supplanted by another sweet, mild-mannered dweeb as the freshman pledge hoping to get some more experience.

The evil snotty fraternity is also represented by two guys at Spring Break, and the one guy is almost a Marmalard clone. Just as in Animal House, the Deltas and the Snobs battle over the same woman. In this case, the film takes a page from Bedtime Story, and they make a bet on which fraternity will score first with the most beautiful woman in Palm Springs. In fact, the Deltas try some scams very similar to the ones Brando used in Bedtime Story to win the girl from David Niven.

I watch movies for a lot of different reasons. One of those reasons is to relax and be entertained mindlessly.

For such an occasion, Fraternity Vacation has all the right stuff. It is a formulaic Spring Break movie, and it is highly derivative of both Animal House and Bedtime Story, but it is amiable, pleasant, and allows mellow vibes to win out over meanness. Even the snooty frat guys come on board by the time the film is over.

  • There are two pretty girls topless.
  • There are college pranks and sexy fun.
  • There is an incredibly beautiful woman in a skimpy bikini.
  • The nerd finally ends up with the world's sexiest woman.
  • And, of course, all the college kids are opposed by the evil Dean Wormer, who is Sheriff Wormer in this film, but is still played by John Vernon. (I think his name was actually Sheriff Ferrett)


Barbara Crampton and Kathleen Kinmont appear in an extended topless scene. Kinmont's bum is also seen. In teh full screen version, one may also see Crampton frontal nudity below the waist.

Crampton and Kinmont also shoot a moon late in the film.

Sheree Wilson appears in a very tiny bikini, but her nude scene was actually performed by a body double (Roberta Whitehead)

Three male butts are seen in the mooning scene, but the DVD features indicate that some of these are doubles.

It's rated 3.9 at IMDb, which may be the right score if you are comparing it to The Sweet Hereafter or The Godfather, Part 2, but is not indicative of the pleasure it can bring if you want to turn your brain off for 90 minutes.

DVD info from Amazon.

  • Liner notes: an interview with Leigh McCloskey

  • Widescreen anamorphic format, 1.85:1

It stars Tim Robbins before he became politically correct. One of his co-stars points out in the DVD material that it is a source of amusement in the industry that Robbins has removed this film from his resume. (He did a good job in the film, by the way, and was obviously into the PI spirit of the film, which is probably why he's embarrassed.)

It also stars Stephen Geoffreys and Amanda Bearse, reuniting them from Fright Night. They actually have a brief romance in Fraternity Vacation, which must set some kind of record for poor chemistry, considering that they are both openly gay.

Tuna's Thoughts

Fraternity Vacation is, if I recall correctly, one of the most requested films ever in Scoopy's Fun House, due to the extended topless scene with Kathleen Kinmont and Barbara Crampton. Every version I had ever seen was very poor. Finally, we have a remaster on DVD that is presentable. Actually, it is very good, especially given the age of the film.

It is a teensploitation spring break film that takes place in Palm Springs, Three frat brothers arrive to find schoolmates from a rival frat. They set up contest to see who can seduce Sheree J. Wilson first. Britt Ekland had a cameo, but kept her clothes on.

I always thought the film rather stupid, but seeing it on decent quality, it is no worse than other spring break films, and the nudity is extended.

I give it a C+.

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Based on this description, this film is a C+ (both reviewers). Mindless fun. Some of the scams employed by Robbins and his buddy to bed the beautiful woman were quite hilarious.

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