The Fruit is Ripe


by Tuna

Griechische Feigen (Greek Figs, literally) is a German sex comedy starring Betty Verges as a young woman who has been vacationing with her parents in Greece. It is time for her to return to school in Munich, so both parents sneak her some cash, and they dump her at the airport. She gives her ticket to a guy so he can travel with his girlfriend, then sets out to explore Greece on her own. She continues from one adventure to another, including being nearly raped, until she meets the man of her dreams, and spends several days with him cruising around the islands. They split up over a misunderstanding, and she runs into Olivia Pascal posing for a gay photographer. She also gets a job, and tries to seduce the photographer, but eventually goes back to look for her true love.

While Betty Verges was clearly a little old for the character she was playing, she is a decent actress, and very easy on the eyes. The scenery is lovely, and the story has pace and some plot, even with nearly constant nudity. All in all, not a bad little example of European coming-of-age erotica.

Our Grade:

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  • Betty Verges: breasts.

  • Olivia Pascal and an unknown: full frontal nudity.


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5.4 IMDB summary (of 10)

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