Get Over It (2001) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Well, it won't get any extra points for the originality of the premise. The average high school guy is crazy about the coolest, most beautiful girl in school, but she dumps him and starts dating a really hot exchange student who seems to be great at everything. Our hero enlists the little sister of his best friend to help him get his girl back, and ......... gee, guess who he falls for? And guess who has been secretly in love with him since they were in diapers?
Despite that completely lame concept, the movie is OK, mainly because of charismatic performances by Kirsten Dunst and Sisqo and a completely over-the-top yet somehow fundamentally accurate performance by Martin Short as a high school drama teacher. 

(What, Scoop? Martin Short over the top? I don't believe you. He's always shown such restraint in the past.) 


Sexy Kylie Bax was topless from many angles, none of them revealing a nipple, but the top, bottom and sides of her breasts were seen from various angles. 

On the male side, Ben Foster was seen wearing only a jock strap, his butt completely exposed.

I generally don't like Martin. He does about two and a half characters, and I saw them all in the 1970's. I've often called for his deportation back to Canada on whatever trumped-up charges we can muster. Yet there is something eerily accurate about the way he portrays this refugee from Waiting for Guffman, and when he spoke, I heard echoes from the distant past and remembered real theater people no more loony than he, as if he suddenly channeled some memories of his own.

My favorite line? The really cool exchange student has some generic ever-changing drop-his-r's accent which at any moment could be anything from Australian to Cockney to Dutch. The normal guys listen to him and say "what's with that accent? Dude talks like Madonna."

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About half of the film's running time is occupied by rehearsals for and the performance of a soft-rock version of Midsummer Night's Dream, and it taps into the usual teen movie clichés. But Kiki and a couple others were so charming that they managed to pull it off with some élan. The energy level is high, and the film never takes it self seriously for more than a few seconds. All in all, not a crossover classic like American Pie, but a pretty good comic high school romance, if that's your thing.

Kiki sings sweetly, by the way, and is as cute as ever. 

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  • General consensus: two and a half stars. Berardinelli 2.5/4, Apollo 60/100.

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