Ghost Son


by Tuna


Ghost Son is a multinational co-production starring Laura Harring as a woman who loses her husband (John Hannah) in an auto accident then discovers she is pregnant. After the baby is born, she slowly realizes that the baby is possessed by her late husband, and is trying to kill her so they can be together again.

IMDb comments complain that it is not a good horror movie, and that they were expecting better from director Lamberto Bava, a well established filmmaker who represents the third generation of his family in Italian cinema. The fact of the matter is that they didn't find it a good horror movie because it is not supposed to be one. The official site calls it a paranormal thriller. In other words, if judged within its genre, it would probably score in the mid fives at IMDb rather than its current score a point lower than that, which punishes it for the voters' misguided expectations.

The production value is there and some scenes are effective. One in which Laura Harring uses tweezers to pull glass shards out of her feet had me cringing. Still, there is not enough plot to consume the running time, and the supporting characters are seriously under-developed, so it can be summed up as a competent but unexceptional paranormal thriller.  



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4.4 IMDB summary (of 10)


No theatrical release in any of the major English-speaking countries.



  • Laura Harring shows her breasts and buns.