Glass, Necktie (2001) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Nancye Ferguson may have set some kind of record in this movie. I notice from her IMDb filmography that she is a reasonably accomplished professional actress, from which I infer that she got paid. Why would that constitute a record? Because it may be the only case in history where one person's salary was 100% of a film's budget.

The film is in cheap looking B&W. The actors are obviously wannabees and never-weres. The sets are just somebody's house. The only "action" consists of people talking in one and two shots.

The script is actually not that bad. A guy finds out that his close friend has been sleeping with his brother's wife. He exacts revenge that his brother refuses to, on the pretense of defending his brother's honor. He later finds out that his macho action was terribly misguided. The best friend had no idea who the woman was, but the brother knew full well that his wife was messing around - because he engineered it, and was watching through a two-way mirror.


Nancye Ferguson showed her breasts in a sex scene.
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Well, OK, maybe it wasn't that good a script, but it seemed like sure genius compared to the production values. 

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