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Graduation Day (1981) is being released under the Troma label. They are evidently acquiring some 70's and 80's exploitation to augment their offerings. It is strictly a by-the-numbers teen slasher story. A young track star falls down dead after she wins a big race. Her sister returns on leave from the Navy to attend what would have been her graduation, and accept her honors on her behalf. Many blame the coach for the death, as he pushes all of his athletes very hard. One by one, all the members of the track team are slaughtered. We are supposed to suspect the sister, and then the coach.


Linnea Quigley shows breasts in a scene where she tries to seduce a music teacher to get a passing grade. Sometime stunt woman Denise Cheshire plays a gymnast/track star, end shows breasts in a locker room, and then is shaving her legs wearing panties and a sweater. Erica Hope briefly shows her breasts in a dark scene running from the killer.

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The 4/3 transfer is decent quality, and there is an interview with Linnea on the DVD.

The critics were harsh. One says that having Linnea Quigley and Vanna White in the same cast should have been enough to keep people away.

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  • with their dollars: amazingly, this was a modest hit, grossing $24 million in 1980.
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