Harvesters (2001) from Tuna

Harvesters is a low budget production with actresses cast more for their bust size than any acting ability, and actors who couldn't get a walk-on in a High School production. The plot was so good, however, that I was sucked in despite the obvious problems.

It starts with a small gang who specialize in robbing convenience stores in small towns, and a pair of federal marshals who are trying to catch them. The leader is an ex-marine hand-to-hand and explosives specialist and lesbian, and the rest of the gang are junkie hangers-on. A hold-up goes wrong, and they kidnap a motorist and invade her home. Little do they realize that the quiet conservative family has been killing people and harvesting their organs for sale for 30 years. Of course, the marshals show up to add to the fun, and the surprise ending is fantastic.

If only this one could have been made with a much higher budget.

Scoop's notes in yellow:

Don Dohler must be the most specialized writer in history. Here is a description of his previous movie, Blood Massacre.


Erin Palmisano as one of the daughters shows breasts and buns in a bath scene, including a dream sequence where she is bathing in blood.
"A group of four thugs invade a family home. The family turns out to be a bunch of Cannibals. The nice old Mom and Pa slash up a local cop. They decapitate and slash the robbers and severely mutilate the star. The family turns out to be sick looking aliens too!"
So there you have the ultimate specialty - he only has one movie plot, which he keeps making again and again.  

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