Highlander: Endgame (2000) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

This is fundamentally just a long episode of the Highlander TV show except that it's a bit longer and guest-stars the movie Highlander.

TV Highlander and Movie Highlander have to team up to defeat an immortal who has become too powerful, and/or too computerized. Since there can be only one, the two highlanders have to square off against each other eventually, and one of them must die.

Although, as the movie shows us in endless flashbacks to times when they wore silly wigs, the Macleod's have known each other for about a zillion years, and have never seen the need to kill each other before. But these are new times, new rules

Frankly, I'm not too sure why they care that the evil immortals are killing off all the immortal race. I guess I don't understand the internal logic of the series. If the evil guy didn't kill off those other immortals, wouldn't the Highlanders have to do it? Isn't the whole point that there can be only one? Given that point, isn't the evil guy really just saving the Macleod's the trouble of killing those other immortals? 

I guess I missed part of the point somewhere. 


Lisa Barbuscia showed her buns in Cut A, and also her breasts in Cut B.

Adrian Paul's buns were seen in a sex scene.

 For the sake of the immortals, I hope the Highlander Prophet got his facts right. I mean, suppose they missed a page. On the bottom of the page, it says : "There can be only one ... ", and then the next page is missing. It originally said:

" ... thing stupider than killing a fellow immortal, and that would be to exercise too hard in 110 degree heat at Highlander NFL training camp. So cherish your fellow immortals, and take plenty of rests and water breaks during two-a-days."

DVD info from Amazon.

  • Widescreen anamorphic, 1.85:1

  • two-disc set, including two  (different) complete cuts of the movie

  • several featurettes, including a "making of" and a special on F/X

  • full length commentary on version "A"

But they just assumed that the Immortal Scripture was supposed to go from page 7 to page 10, probably because Immortal Prophets have their own numbering system. Tell you what, I'll bet that Prophet guy isn't too happy that he told the other immortals about the secret, because he appears to have been killed by one of them. At least, none of them have ever claimed to be the guy who wrote the rules, so I assume he's dead, and I assume he was an immortal.

Silly twit should have kept quiet and cut off their heads one-by-one. Then he could have been the one, and gotten all the fabulous prizes that they get when they eliminate all the others. 

Tell the winning immortal what he's won, Don Pardo.

Unless Don Pardo is an immortal, and has already had his head chopped off.


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