The Hills Have Eyes Part II (1985) from Tuna

The Hills Have Eyes Part II is Wes Craven's follow-up to The Hills Have Eyes, and most agree that he should have quit after one. The original was made for $230k, and is rated 5.6 at IMDB. This sequel cost $1M to make, and is rated 3.2. Even factoring in 8 years of inflation, he produced far more for the money in the original, and the second one even recycled several minutes of footage in flashback scenes.


Two women show breasts in night scenes, Penny Johnson and Colleen Riley.

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The plot, of course, requires a way to get some kids back into the desert, off the main road, and into the bombing range, so they can encounter the cannibals. They are going to a motocross race, forget about the change from Daylight Savings to standard time, and cut across the desert to make up the hour. All that's left is to puncture the gas tank at just the right spot, and you can have the bad guys and good guys stalk and kill each other any way you think looks cool.

Videograve, in one of the few reviews, said, "A bunch of annoying dirtbikers going to a race get caught in the desert and are terrorized by the cannibal families (sic) last two surviving members. Miserable writing, awful acting and sloppy execution make this one bad sequel." Amen.  

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