Hot Dog ... the Movie (1984) from Tuna

Hot Dog the Movie (1984) is part sports movie, part Hollywood formula romance, and all r-rated comedy.

Harkin Banks (David Naughton), a farm boy, is on his way to compete at Squaw Valley in a skiing "Hot Dog" national championship. Along the way, he picks up attractive hitchhiker Sunny (Tracy Smith), who decides to hang out with him. Once at Squaw Valley, he is checked into an adult motel by a naked woman, enjoys a gratuitous wet t-shirt contest, finally beds Sunny, and meets the other American competitors.

He also learns that world champion Rudy from Austria (John Patrick Reger) is a world class asshole, that big-money Euro sponsors are supporting the sport at the moment, that the Euro competitors are given undeserved qualifying places, and that the scoring is biased.

Shannon Tweed plays a snow bunny who seduces the hottest ski stud each year. After seeing Harkin ski, she seduces him at her annual party. Sunny gives the evil but handsome Rudy a revenge fuck, and things look shaky for our hero, at least for a while.


Tweed shows everything seducing Harkin and in a hot tub afterwards, Crystal Smith, as the motel clerk, shows lengthy full frontal, Tracy L. Smith shows a side view of breasts, and buns in panties, and several unknowns show breasts in the wet t-shirt contest. Tweed and Crystal Smith, of course, are former Heffers of the month.

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The DVD is a very nice, well-saturated 4/3 transfer.

IMDB voters score this very low and I am at a loss to understand why. I don't see what more they could want from an 80's T & A comedy. Some of the material is very funny, there is some good skiing, and I liked many of the characters.

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Based on this description, this is a C. If you like raunchy r-rated 80s comedies, you should enjoy this one.

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