Hot Milk


by Vejiita

Ricardo Bofill is a rich daddy's boy. His father is a famous architect in Spain and he studied architecture too. Of course it took him quite a while to finish with all the alcohol and drugs he was taking.

No, that is not the story of the movie. Ricardo is the director of this film, not a character.

He was the boyfriend of Mexican Singer Paulina Rubio, but he got into rehab and she ended the relationship. I guess she didn't want to stop the fun. He then moved to the movies. He is independently wealthy, so he can do it. He made a trippy movie about a girl who milks cows, then moves to the city to see the world, then moves back to the cows when she doesn't like what she sees

That's the whole story.

Like any new director, he experiments a lot. Like many other directors who experiment, his movie is bad, so bad that it stayed canned for a couple of years. The only good news is that he starred his latest girlfriend, Ana Turpin, and while I can't recommend the film, Ana is very beautiful and very talented as well. She has it all. Except the right boyfriend.

Our Grade:

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  • Plenty!
  • Ana Turpin, Macarena Gomez, Vanessa Otero, Laura Dominguez, and an uncredited woman.


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