Human Desires


by Tuna

complete spoilers

Human Desires, aka Indecent Behavior 4, is one of the worst soft core films I have ever seen. The IMDb score of 3.8 is generous. The major problem is not the mediocre nudity, or the boring simulated sex, but the brain-dead plot.

Shannon Tweed and her philandering husband run a modeling agency, and are holding a pajama party to introduce their three finalists for an important modeling assignment. One of the three, who is also sleeping with Tweed's husband, ends up face down in the pool, after having taken sleeping pills and slashing her wrists. The police declare it an obvious suicide, so one of the other two models, who was also sleeping with the dead girl, hires a private detective, and tries to convince him it was really murder.

So far, a pretty standard plot for a poor whodunnit.

But get this. It turns out that the woman who hired the detective committed the murder. Why on earth would she have hired someone to prove murder when the police considered it a closed case? It seems that they must have changed the script several times and paid no attention to whether all the final bits and pieces meshed properly.


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  • Shannon Tweed: T&A

  • Breasts from: Peggy Trentini, JJ Mantia and Dawn Billings


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