Hungry For You


by Tuna

It is 2010. Virtual reality has replaced TV, and people are far more addicted. The FCC pretty much runs things, with help from the police, and the traditional courts have been replaced by citizens' committees which resemble today's juries. VR sex is illegal, except in Nevada, and you must have the approval of a citizens' committee approval to have real sex.

People start dying in the middle of VR shows. They receive private content, in the person of Rochelle Swanson, who gives them cyber-sex until they are ready to climax, which triggers an explosive charge in their VR unit and kills them. Michael Phenicie is a licensed tracer (one who investigates VR crimes), and is brought in to find out how this is happening and stop it.

The concept of this film had promise. With the VR premise, there is infinite possibility for misdirection, as it is very difficult to tell the difference between VR experiences and real ones. The VR theme provided license to include virtually anything in the story. Unfortunately, perhaps because of budgetary limitations, the execution could have been much better, and the premise could have been exploited far more effectively.

Hungry for You is theoretically a sci-fi riff on the couples erotica theme, but it's just barely erotica. The nudity is less than you would expect if you watched the film expecting a softcore, and the sex and nudity are lukewarm at best.

Our Grade:

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Both the storyline and the erotica are disappointing, so this is not recommended.


  • Rochelle Swanson shows robo-breasts and buns (no lower frontal exposure).

  • Two unknowns show everything during the first sex scene.


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Made for adult cable.



3.9 IMDB summary (of 10)



Hungry For You (1996)

It is only available from in a dual region (1 and 4) DVD in English, with optional Spanish subtitles. Click on the above image for details