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For aging Queen Bs, Fred Olen Ray movies are the equivalent of the elephant graveyard, the place where they all must migrate at the end of their film lives. In this case, J. J. North and Brinke Stevens appear in a post-apocalyptic Aliens clone that the people at BadMovies.org consider their kind of film. OK, that doesn't sound promising on the surface, but you have to give Fred a tip o' the hat for getting each of the Queens into a sex scene and getting them together for a refreshing post-apocalyptic shower. Thank God that pesky apocalypse doesn't affect the plumbing or the clean water supply.

The two are part of an Army unit doing ... er ... important Army unit stuff ... when their vehicle becomes unusable in the desert, and they must find shelter on foot before an ion storm catches them. They meet up with a lone man who guides them to a research facility, but when they enter, the crew is all dead, and a "Hybrid" roams the halls looking for more victims. The ending leaves room for a sequel in that Brinke Stevens' obligatory sex scene was performed with the monster, and she is obviously carrying its kid as the film ends.

IMDb readers rate in a deplorable 3.4 ...

... thus placing it in the top half of Fred's career output.

No kidding.


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  • Brinke Stevens and JJ North show breast and buns. JJ shows a brief lower frontal in her sex scene.




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A very bad movie, but I mean that in the very best sense. The kind of bad movie that can provide lots of unintentional laughs. If you love to ridicule inept low budget movies, this is worth a look. If not, stay away.