I Am Dina


by Tuna

In remote northern Norway during the 1860s, a young girl named Dina causes an accident that results in the painful death of her mother. Her father backhands her as her mother is being carried off screaming. A neighbor hides her. She grows up feral until it is clear she needs help, so a teacher is hired. He plays his cello, and she is fascinated. He teaches her, and she has an aptitude. They also become close friends. He tells her that she released her mother from the pain and suffering in this world, and she buys into that idea. Then her father decides to send the teacher away, and to marry her off to a fat businessman (Gerard Depardieu).

On her wedding night, Depardieu tries to "mount her like a horse," and she rebels, finally making him promise in front of all the neighbors never to do that again. Yet as time goes on, she nearly rapes him. In fact, he starts trying to escape her voracious sexual appetite. She also proves to be a better at running his business than he is. When he falls off a roof and breaks his leg, and then gangrene sets in, she heads off to a hospital with him, but pushes him over a cliff.

Enter a Russian fellow that she spends the rest of the film with.

This two hour costumer, performed by an international cast in English, is the most expensive film ever to be made in Scandinavia, and will appeal to those inclined to enjoy period drama. Dina is a complex, severely conflicted character, but still generally sympathetic, and is played brilliantly by Maria Bonnevie.


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  • Maria Bonnevie does full frontal and rear nudity.









It grossed about $10 million in Norway and Denmark.

525,000 people saw it in Norway - equivalent to mega-blockbuster status in a country with only 4.6 million people. The proportionate equivalent would be about $35 million tickets in the USA. or about $300 million!

The budget was approximately $20 million.



6.4 IMDB summary (of 10)
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