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I don't think I've ever seen wider swings in the ratings from our various sources. For example, IMDb voters score it 7.1/10, but the average British critic scored it 2.1/10. I suppose if you use the British papers as your measuring stick, Sean Penn's Oscar nomination must represent the single worst movie ever to produce such a distinguished acting performance.

Of course, his performance was pretty much as overrated as the movie. I'm not saying he did a bad job. He did fine. But this is the kind of role that a good actor can do by assuming a couple of small quirks. Actors love to play this kind of role, which is up there with Long John Silver and Doc Holiday in ham potential. And maybe Foghorn Leghorn, if they ever do a live-action version of those cartoons.



If you aren't already aware, Sean Penn plays a 40 year old man with the mental capacity of a seven year old. This gave him only two possible career opportunities:

1. Busboy/janitor at Starbucks

2. Lead actor in "Zorro"

While he cleans the tables, he is also trying to raise a real seven year old, but some evil uncaring court workers are trying to take the girl away from him. He hires a hotshot lawyer (Michele Pfeiffer) who agrees to take his case pro bono.

Yawn, yawn, yada, yada, Hollywood cornball, the usual suspects.

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Original Documentary: Becoming Sam
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The script has big problems:

  • Everyone can see that Penn's seven year old is the perfect child - caring, mature, curious, intelligent. He has raised her alone up until that point. What more proof of his ability do they need? Of course, you can't win any Oscars in a three minute movie.
  • The person that Penn is playing would be given to routine and repetition, but there is so much repetition that his quirks become extraordinarily irritating. I don't know how many times Penn tells a Starbucks customer - "that' s a wonderful choice". I don't suggest playing one of those games where you have to drink each time he says that, because I don't think humans can tolerate that much alcohol in two hours. And that's only one example. There are several other similar examples, and Sean Penn is on screen the entire time, so if you have a low tolerance for repetition (as I do), you really want to avoid this movie.
  • The resolution doesn't seem credible, and it doesn't seem like the best alternative for the girl.

The Critics Vote

  • General consensus: two stars. Ebert 2/4, Berardinelli 2/4,

  • General UK consensus: less than one star. Daily Mail 2/10, Daily Telegraph 2/10, Independent 2/10, The Guardian 2/10, The Times 2/10, Evening Standard 1/10, The Express 4/10, The Mirror 0/10, BBC 2/5

  • Sean Penn was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar

The People Vote ...

  • IMDB summary. IMDb voters score it 7.1/10, Guardian votes 5.2/10
  • with their dollars: budget $22 million, gross $40 million
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Based on this description, this film is a C. Typical Hollywood schmaltz.

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