Ice Queen (2005) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)


The Ice Queen is a cheapozoid straight-to-vid. Unlike some non-theatrical DVDs which are shot in a widescreen format and look like real films on your TV or computer screen, The Ice Queen looks like it was filmed by your dad at a family picnic in your back yard, using his vintage 80s-era VHS camcorder. Well, it would look like that, except:  

  1. Your dad's home movies have a better narrative structure.
  2. Your yard is more interesting and sturdier than these sets.
  3. Some of the people in your family are scarier than this monster.
  4. Pretty much everyone in your family is more talented than this cast, unless you are related to Anna Nicole Smith or Carrot Top.

The Ice Queen of the title is a recently-discovered humanoid, cryogenically preserved from the Ice Age, who was being transported by a private plane. Unfortunately, the journey caused her to thaw out, whereupon she killed everyone on board and crashed the plane into a mountain. The crash didn't kill her, but it triggered an avalanche which buried a resort hotel under tons of snow, and trapped several occupants inside. That was bad enough for them, but they also had to contend with the hair-raising terror of the Ice Queen, who burrowed down into the buried hotel. As you might guess from her name, the Ice Queen's body temperature is extremely low, so she can kill modern humans by penetrating under their skin and freezing them from the inside out.

So she terrorized the hotel guests for a while. 

Then some guy pushed her into the hotel's hot tub and she melted.

The end.

That's really what happened. Honest.



  • audio commentary
  • "behind the scenes" featurette
  • full screen only



Jennifer Hill shows her augmented breasts in a hot tub seduction scene.

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Based on this description, it's an E. Completely amateurish in every way. The acting is bad. The plot is drivel. The cinematography is home movie quality. The "suspension of disbelief" rules are inconsistent. Even the nudity is spoiled by an unfortunate boob job on an otherwise pretty girl.

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