Ilsa, the Tigress of Siberia


by Tuna

Ilsa, the Tigress of Siberia is the fourth and final "Ilsa" film starring Dyanne Thorne as a autocratic sadist of some kind. This time, she is the commandant of an early 1950s Siberian gulag. She has two hobbies to keep her entertained. She feeds prisoners she doesn't like to her pet tiger, and she holds nightly competitions among her loyal troops every evening for the honor of servicing her. The other two female soldiers get the losers, who are often too far gone to be any good, at which time the women have to take care of each other.

When Ilsa is sent a political prisoner, she decides to reform him via torture. Then Stalin falls from power, so Ilsa and her crew skip town quickly, killing everyone except the political prisoner. Cut to twenty years in the future. The Soviet Hockey team has just played in Montreal, and two members want to get laid. They are being chaperoned by the same guy Ilsa has been torturing. He agrees to let them go to a brothel. The brothel just happens to be run by Ilsa, who has used her crafty Russian mind-control tricks to take over the brothel business in Montreal. She spots her old nemesis on a closed-circuit camera and kidnaps him, setting up the final battle.

The story has nothing to do with any previous Ilsa movies, and is just plain silly. Some fans feel that Dyanne Thorne's presence is all the justification needed to watch this film. Maybe so, but if you don't think that is possible stay away, because that's about all it has.


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  • There's nudity from Dyanne Thorne and a host of unidentified others, but not as much nudity as you would hope for in an exploitation film.


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