by Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Impulse is a straight-to-video erotic thriller and, granting the inherent limitations implied by that description, a pretty good one. The premise lacks credibility, but once one accepts it, the story is interesting and plays out with a lot of guilty pleasures.

Claire (singer Willa Ford in her first lead role) is a beautiful, highly successful businesswoman married to a psychiatrist who dearly loves her. She loves him too, but she just wishes he could be less guarded, more open with his emotions and passions. One night she returns from a business trip costumed as an Italian prostitute, hoping to stimulate him into ardor, but he acts like a cold fish. He confesses that he should have played along, should have turned himself into the studly Roberto, and vanquished her, but he just has a hard time acting on his fantasies. He says he will work on it and perhaps he will turn into Roberto in the future.

On her next business trip she sits in the lounge of a swanky hotel and sees her husband dressed in a white suit and hat, wearing a long silk scarf. It's the long-awaited Roberto! They have a night of crazy passion, then another when she tells him precisely when she'll be free on her on her next business trip. After that second night, she wakes up to a phone call from her husband which seems very thoughtful - and then she looks in the bed next to her and sees her husband sleeping.


She's just cheated on her husband with a stranger who happens to look like him.

You see what I mean about the implausibility of the premise? It's an intriguing idea for a movie, but there's no hint that the stranger is a long-lost twin or anything like that, so we are asked to believe that she can't tell the difference between two completely unrelated men. There's nothing in their kiss, their smell, their taste, their teeth ... nothing. They are both pudgy and out of shape. They both have the same exact voice and mannerisms. They have different haircuts, but the plot explains that. (Before the first business trip, she told him to start going to a stylist instead of Supercuts, so she was not surprised to see him with a different look.) Bottom line: she simply can't tell that she made love with a second guy.

Well, forget about whether that's believable or not. You just have to accept it. Now consider the possibilities for mayhem. After the phone call from her real husband, she summarily dismisses the stranger from her hotel room without an explanation. Unsurprisingly, the poor guy would like to know just what the hell he did wrong. A few minutes earlier she had been telling him how much she loved him.  He just had the two greatest nights of his life, and then had the new love of his life suddenly wake him up and kick him out of the room with a warning never to call her again. Remember, he did nothing to deceive her. She was the one who insisted he was the fantasy creation known as Roberto, and he just played along. He just doesn't want the good times to end. When you combine what has just happened to him with the fact that he was a little squirrelly to begin with, you get the beginnings of a serious obsession. Eventually the stranger conceives a plan to switch identities with the husband, and things start to get really crazy.

I won't spoil it for you because the plot has some pretty good twists, although none of them will seem wildly original or unexpected to you genre aficionados. Despite the predictable resolution, I was content to let the film carry me along until the last minute or so, which includes a preposterous and confusing epilogue.

Angus MacFadyen, who came close to being a star a few years back, does a pretty good job in a dual role as the stable husband and the stranger who deteriorates into psychosis. Remember that he had to play two men that his own wife couldn't tell apart, so he had to be quite subtle in distinguishing them. Willa Ford does a good job removing her clothing several times and showing off a world-class body. Other women provide some impressive additional nudity here and there. In general, excluding the disappointing and cheesy epilogue, it's a pretty good little "guilty pleasure" movie.


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  • Willa Ford shows her breast and buns in several scenes.
  • Three models are topless in the opening scene.
  • Various dancers and performers are seen  topless onstage and backstage.
  • Angus Macfadyen shows the top half of his bum.



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