by Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

A young man fakes insanity in order to get information about his mentally ill sister, who has been confined to a high security asylum with tightly closed communication. Once he gets into the institution, he realizes that the head of the asylum (Peter Stormare) is a cross between Dr. Mengele and Dr. Frankenstein. The doc is experimenting with radical drugs that ... well, I don't know what the hell he was originally planning to accomplish with his drugs, but the bottom line is that his treatments are turning all of the patients into cannibals who cannot control their taste for flesh. Since they were all mental patients to begin with, and some of them were particularly violent maximum-security types, the patients transmogrify into a horde of criminally insane cannibals. Various circumstances allow them to break free from their cells and bonds, whereupon they attack the staff and each other. In this midst of this chaos, the faux-crazy young man must figure out how to escape with his sister.

Insanitarium is a wildly over-the-top gorefest in the same general vein as the Robert Rodriguez zombie/vampire films. There are scenes of medical amputation, decapitation of humans and animals, severed limbs, explicit cannibalism, demented sex, crazy killings, and anything else you might imagine in the bedlam created by a couple dozen insane cannibals and a sadistic doctor. There is so much blood that it covers the walls, the floors, everyone's clothing, the requisite crazy naked chick, and sometimes even the camera lens! The lurid bloodletting is balanced by some comic relief from a nervous patient who befriends our hero, and an assortment of puns in the James Bond mode:

Violently insane and topless nymphomaniac stalker: "Don't you find me pretty?"

Our hero:  "I think you're a knock-out." (Whereupon he punches her in the face.)

The director obviously told the actors not to hold anything back. Makes sense. I mean, c'mon, how can you overact the part of a criminally insane cannibal nymphomaniac stalker? Just let it loose. Lisa Arturo is particularly wacky in the nympho role, but she gets plenty of competition in the crazed overacting department, particularly from Peter Stormare as the mad doctor. The most frenetic action is punctuated by a hard-driving rock score and a constant barrage of irritatingly noisy background sounds like alarms, buzzers, screams, and electro-shock equipment.

Laid-back it ain't.

You shouldn't expect the details of the plot to make any sense, and don't set your sights on character development, but if you just want to see a lot of sadistic splatter accompanied by nerve-jangling noises and puns, here ya go.


Inside the Asylum: Jesse Metcalfe and Jeff Buhler

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Inside the Asylum: The Patients




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  • Lisa Arturo is topless in several scenes.



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