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Inside Out 1

Inside Out (1992) is a direct to vid collection of short erotic subjects, now available on DVD. This first disk contains:


  • Brush Strokes -- Julie Ambrose shows breasts and bush as a woman who follows an artist home from a showing that turned her on.

  • The Lida -- Sherrie Rose shows a breast as a prisoner in an isolation pod in space. She has programmed the on board computer into her perfect partner. When another prisoner docks on her pod, the perfect partner ends up even better.

  • Shrink Rap -- Cec Verrell relates two fantasies to her shrink. We see breasts and buns.

  • My Secret Moments -- Chana Jael Chiesa masturbates to a fantasy that includes an ever increasing number of men. We see everything.

  • Life is for the Taking -- Kimberly Ryusaki is the young wife of a prisoner due for release. His cellmate convinces him that she might be cheating, and gets him to astrally project himself home. We see her breasts while he watches her.

  • My Better Half -- Marie Chanbers plays the feminine side of a macho man that has given up on women, she seduces him. We see breasts.

  • Doubletalk -- Marta Kober goes to her date's apartment on their first date. We hear not only what they say to each other, but also what they are really thinking. Again, breasts only.

  • The Diaries -- Neith Hunter is married to a rich older man. They are in separate bedrooms and have stopped being intimate. She sees his diary, and finds out he is bored and about to divorce her. She creates a diary to make him think that her new found sense of sexual adventure is exactly what he wanted. Just breasts again.

  • Love the One You're With -- Serina Robinson and her date speak in meanings rather than empty words. Rather than telling a joke, he would say "clever attempt at humor", to which she would answer "aloof disdain". They do end up in bed. We see Her breasts and buns.


The nine segments add up to about 90 minutes, which has its good side. You never tire of one of the stories. Most of the photography is dark, and this is clearly couples erotica. C.




Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2 (1992) is the second of four collections of short softcore films made for TV. Think Twilight Zone meets Skinemax.

We have 9 tales, eight of which have exactly one woman who shows breasts. Here is the summary:


  • Mis-Apprehended -- a man is stranded when his care dies in the middle of nowhere. He is picked up by a practical joker and his wife (Tane McClure). You will have to watch to see who the joke is finally on. This was, for me, the best short of the nine.
  • I've Got a Crush on You -- was clearly inspired by the Mills Brothers classic "Paper Doll,: which end, "I'd rather have a paper doll to call my own, than a fickle minded real live girl." The girls, this time, is Dawn Brackett.
  • The Freak -- a post apocalyptic space invasion piece, where the human face is considered obscene. This was very dark, and not very coherent. Female lead was Sherrie Rose
  • There's this Traveling Salesman, See -- a man caught in a traveling salesman joke. Rather cleaver. Breasts by Brenda Swanson
  • Double Vision -- a woman performs the first successful eye and optic nerve transplant. Her patient falls for her, then wonders where she got the donor eyes. The doctor is Saxon Trainor
  • Busty Gutsy -- is a mockumentary of a "tit queen." staring Kitten Natividad. No nudity, no images, but a rather clever short.
  • Some Guys Have All the Luck -- A woman, Lisa Whitcraft, conspires to get a hunk in bed, but he has his own conspiracy going.
  • The Hitchhiker -- Linda Carol suckers men into stopping to pick her up on the side of the road, and eventually leads them to their destruction.
  • The Right Number -- Lisa London works doing phone sex, and makes a love connection.

All in all, this was an entertaining set of nine shorts. The quality ranged from pretty good color, to dark black and white, and the acting was all over the board, but some of the stories were worth the effort. C.




Inside Out 3

Inside Out III (1992) the third volume from this series is rather disappointing after a pretty good second volume. We do have the best exposure so far in one episode called The Portal, with both male and female full frontal, but the women are not identified. Only six of the episodes have nudity, but two of them have more than one nude woman.


  • The Portal is a view of what happens when you die. Without giving the entire thing away, you enter the portal through a swimming pool, and come out the other end with a young trim body, and lots of the opposite sex.
  • The Branding could have been a good story were it better done. A film crew is shooting on location in Brazil, and a devoted husband is mugged in town and rescued by Bianca Rossini. He tries to resist, but, after way too much tequila and too much Rossini, he wakes up with a real problem for when he gets home. Rossini shows breasts.
  • Dogs Playing Poker is about a stolen art collector who sets out to screw a guy in a poker game, and then screw his wife, Cary La Salle, but ends up getting screwed himself. La Salle shows breasts.
  • The Perfect Woman is about a man depressed by his life and lack of companionship, who responds to a TV sex add for the perfect woman. He describes in great detail a woman that could never exactly exist, and ten minutes later, she knocks at his door. Things are going well, when another woman knocks, and claims to be from the agency. Naturally, everything is not as it seems. Roxanna Michaels shows breasts and most of her buns in two lengthy scenes. Whitney Weston is briefly shown topless.
  • The Tango takes place during an elevator ride between a chauvinist shock comic and a feminist. No Nudity.
  • The Houseguest is about a woman who thinks a deranged homeless man is her long lost fiancee. No female nudity.
  • Cafe l'Amour is a interesting flirtation between a woman and a man with no dialogue. This may be the best episode on this volume. Again. no nudity.
  • Within Ten Minutes shows two women bored in their apartment, when a news flash informs them that a nuke will destroy them in ten minutes. Hilary Morse chooses to break her diet as a final act, while Elizabeth Burr decides to have sex with the first man who knocks on her door. Burr shows breasts.
  • The Wet Dream stars busty Alex Datcher as a woman with a thoughtless boyfriend, and Olympic diver Greg Louganis as the tropical fish who loves her. We see her breasts throughout the entire segment. It is almost worth he price of the 4 DVD set to see Louganis with a row of fins on his back, and having sex with a woman.

This is a D+. Only a genre addict would find anything of interest here.





Inside Out 4

Inside Out 4 (1992) is the fourth and final DVD in this collection. In general, there is more full frontal and simulated sex than in the previous episodes, but less interesting plots, and most are way too dark.

  • Natalie Would -- Two girlfriends are talking in a restaurant about the fact that one of them, Catya Sassoon, has been pining over her ex boyfriend for over a year, and is in danger of her pipes rusting shut, when she catches the eye of the "perfect guy," who thinks she is his long lost love. She shows breasts only in a very dark sex scene.
  • Motivation -- an actor is promised a film role, and arrives on the dessert location only to discover that it is a porno shoot, and he is to do the nasty with Chana Jael Chiesa. The director finds an interesting way to give him his motivation for the role. Chiesa shows everything.
  • Put Asunder -- a couple have a love hate relationship, divorce, then finally hire a hit man to kill one of them and set the other free. MImi Craven, as the wife, shows breasts.
  • Save the Wetlands -- has a reporter interviewing a wildlife activist and recovering sexaholic. Ann Rubinoff shows a breast.
  • The Thief -- a burglar has sex with Carolyn Finney, who suspects that her husband is cheating. He is, with Sandra Wild. Finney barely shows a breasts, Wild shows everything.
  • Jilted Lover -- a man stalks his ex lover, taking pictures and badmouthing her current boyfriend. Elizabeth A. Jaeger shows breasts.
  • Three on a Match -- a couple wants a menage, and picks up Susan Byun at an art show. They try everything to seduce her. She shows breasts only.
  • What Anna Wants -- Anna is an artist, and looking for inspiration for her erotic paintings. She has her boyfriend seduce women in the apartment across the way, and photographs them doing the deed. Denise Buik, as the seduced girl, shows everything in a well lit scene.
  • Video Mate -- a loser settles in with a sex video staring Sharon Kane, and clicks her out of the TV and into his bed with the remote. Kane shows everything.
  • My Cyberian Rhapsody -- a man gets out of prison, and visits a cybersex establishment, where he rents a virtual reality set up. The girl is played by Paula Reeve, who shows us her large breasts.

All in all, this is a barely acceptable couples soft core series, and it is no wonder it never had a second season. While a few of the episodes had merit, overall, it is a low C-.

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  • no features, no widescreen

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