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Instinct to Kill is a straight-to-vid with Mark Dacascos, Missy Crider, and Tim Abell. It is based on the book "The Perfect Husband" by Lisa Gardner, although people familiar with both sources say that the film follows merely the shell of the book's plot, while telling much more of the story from the killer's point of view.

Abell plays a serial murderer who breaks out of the aptly titled "California Institute for the Criminally Insane" (CICI!) We know the name of this august institution because the film crew has placed a paper sign with those words on the gate of what looks like the suppliers' delivery gate of a Home Depot.

High budget film!

When Abell escapes, he must then follow the serial murderer's code, requiring him to kill everyone he used to know, since they all either contributed to his incarceration or spoke badly of him after he was locked up. He leaves behind a greater body count than the Battle of Stalingrad before finally locating his ex-wife (Crider) and her bodyguard (Dacascos).


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Miss Crider appears to have an outstanding, slim body with large breasts, but she has never exposed it on film. In this movie she does a shower scene and a sex scene, and never shows a  thing! In the shower scene the camera even slips down a bit too far, showing us that she's wearing a bandeau! Some full frontal and rear nudity was provided by Tracy Ryan as Crider's former high school cheerleading colleague, whose role in the plot, as far as I can tell, was to remove her clothing, thus supplying the daily minimum nudity requirements.


Instinct to Kill (2001) seems to have had a release of some sort in the US under the title "The Perfect Husband."

Policeman Tim Abell courts and marries cheerleader Missy Crider, but life is not rosy. He is abusive, then she discovers that he is a serial killer. She manages to get her husband's partner to save her from being killed by the husband, and the husband is jailed. When the husband escapes, the real story starts. Crider is sent to Tucson to learn self-protection at the hands of an ex cop her age who quit the force when his wife died in a traffic accident.

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The entire remainder of the story is predictable.

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Based on this description, Scoop says, "I suppose this film is a C-, although I considered saying "D". This no-budget effort must have pretty darned close to the cheapest-ever make-up and sets, but I finally concluded that is probably a barely watchable grade B crime story time-killer for two reasons (1) Abell's solid performance as the insane guy (2) Tracy Ryan's sexy nude scene." Tuna says, "This is a D. The film has nothing going for it, other than a very bad villain. Most of the fighting was badly choreographed, and the eventual outcome was telegraphed in the first few minutes."

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