Intimate Confessions of Sex-ripe Nymphomaniacs


by Tuna

This subtly-titled film (Intime Gestandnisse geschlechtsreijer Nymphomaninnen in German) is a 2007 German hard core sex film issued in a limited edition (only 1,000 created). It is hard core in the sense that it contains boy-on-girl, girl-on-boy, and girl-on-girl oral sex, as well as strap-on penetration, dildos, a power sex machine, and tons of masturbation. There is no male/female intercourse.

The framing device of the film centers on two girlfriends exchanging stories. One is having trouble sleeping because it is 10 PM on the eve of her birthday, so the two start relating sex stories about their friends to make the time pass. Between stories, we see the two become increasingly intimate, until they finally unwrap a birthday present, a nice strap-on, and try it out. The action switches back and forth between the two girls in the present time and dramatic illustrations of the stories they relate.

  • In the first story, one of them gave a sex machine to her roommate, Suzi-Anne, who tried it immediately. She loved it, but unfortunately, it turned her into a hooker. We see her with a difficult client, who can't get it up no matter how hard she sucks it, but finally gets off by whipping her.
  • Then we hear about Anja, who masturbates constantly, as near as we can tell, and doesn't care who watches.
  • Next, our two roommates play a little lickity-split
  • Then we see unknown 1, as she masturbates, then flagellates herself as a nun.
  • Unknown 2 is next, and we see her bound, tickled with an ostrich feather, treated to a dildo, suspended from the ceiling, whipped and forced to give a blow job.
  • It is finally midnight, and time for the strap-on party
  • Then the final story concerns Natascha, in probably the closest thing this film has to a story.


Natascha returns home and finds a letter on the coffee table. It says that the author is through with his girlfriend because she won't do anal, and has decided to switch to her best friend, who will. Natascha gets out a video camera and a dildo, and reams her ass, then writes a suicide note, explaining that her best friend has AIDS, but that he will never get her ass, which is so well shown in the tape she puts with the note.

She is hanging from the ceiling when her roommate arrives looking for the dear Jane HER boyfriend sent her.


I liked some segments more than others, but had to admit that a surprising amount of fetish material was included. The women, though pierced and tattooed, seemed to have natural breasts, which I consider a good thing. In the end, the final story with the surprise ending left me with a positive impression. In fact, the final story was strong enough that it was also released as a short subject called "Analer Alptraum," also contained on this two-disk set.


  • There is explicit exposure from more than a half dozen German porn actresses, including Jane Zaubermaus.


Roger Ebert and his colleagues seem to have missed this film.



Made for DVD.


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Intimate Confessions of Sex-Ripe Nymphomaniacs  

The all-region PAL discs contain audio tracks, an interview, behind the scenes featurettes, a slide show, trailers and more. The film and the short are in German but with optional English subtitles.

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