Intimate Nights (2000) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

This movie is a soft-core "erotic thriller", so I'll evaluate it by the separate standards we use for that genre.
How is the plot and characterization? Good by genre standards, about equivalent to a typical made-for-video film. Not really good enough to hold your attention without the nudity, but not as lame as a lot of the material on the market.

How is the acting? Average by genre standards. The guy who plays the lead is pretty good, and the psychotic villian is menacing enough, but the top-billed woman is wooden and speaks with an unfortunate speech impediment.

Are the women beautiful? The top-billed actress (J. Cynthia Brooks) has an average face. She has an excellent trim and athletic figure, but she's painfully thin to be playing a stripper. The other two women are healthier looking, but neither is a drop-dead spectacular beauty. Kim Yates is a familiar face, but is billed here as Kim Lawey for reasons unknown. The other woman, with perhaps the prettiest face of the three, but with the least streamlined body and the smallest part in the film, is Lori Dawn (the familiar redhead often billed as Lori Dawn Messuri).

  • Not available in purchase. Rental only at Blockbuster. The DVD is a standard 4:3 version. No features, not even a menu. It just starts playing (and it starts with an ad that can't be skipped)

How is the photography? Below-average, even by genre standards. Fuzzy, not very well lit, not following the actors as well as you'd like.

How explicit is the action? Not very. Almost all the exposed flesh is boobs-and-buns. Pubic hair is rare, no penises in sight, sex scenes are lacking in energy.

Overall rating: below average for the soft-core erotic thriller genre. Satisfactory in plot and characterization, but sorely lacking in the elements you really want from a softcore.

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